Where I’ve Been

In order to tell you where I’m going, you need to know where I’ve been.

2015 was a rough year for me running-wise. I began January with lofty goals and excitement and food intolerance.

One of those goals was to sort out the food intolerance. Well, after much searching, I discovered a huge list of foods that made morning runs unpleasant, biggest among them: wheat and dairy. Once I had narrowed down my diet, I thought my biggest challenge was over and I could focus on training and the marathons I wanted to do.

Unfortunately something in my diet was still causing problems and not just digestive ones. My legs hurt. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. If I had been blindfolded for a mile, I would have sworn we had gone ten… barefoot… on gravel… uphill. So I stretched; I foam-rolled; I rested; I tried yoga; I took epsom salt baths; but nothing changed.

My birthday present. It seemed fitting.

Challenges that were tough, but possible at the beginning of the year seemed like defeating Chuck Norris on steroids in October. My goal of running 2,015 in 2015 wasn’t going to happen. Three miles had my muscles screaming, how would I complete the 500 miles I had to go?

Then I gave up my protein shake and I felt better within three days. Something in the shake was adding to the inflammation and food intolerance. Suddenly, I could run again. Running felt amazing, like I was flying, like it was supposed to. There was joy in the movement again. I looked forward to tying my shoes and wrestling with my sports bra, so I could head out the door or turn on the treadmill. With glee, I calculated how many miles I needed each day to make the 2,015. As the end of the year approached, there was even the opportunity for rest days.

So of all the goals I set for 2015, I only achieved one.

2016 will be different.


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    1. The frustrating part was that it was something that was supposed to be healthy. It was great for other people, but not for me. Not everything works for everyone.


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