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In the last year, I’ve been able to connect with runners through social media. It’s a great way to keep motivated and encouraged. I met Ray through a FaceBook group and he is wonderful with an encouraging word when you are going through a tough workout.

I asked Ray to share a little about his running experience.

1. Favorite shoes : I have two types of favorite shoes. For my long run training runs I use the New Balance 1080 Fresh Foam’s. They seem to have the most cushions without compromising rebound and feel. During races (of any distance) I use the Asics Gel Nimbus 17’s. They are lighter and more responsive than all the other shoes that I’ve used. During my other training runs I rotate between three other pair (Asics Kayano 22, Saucony ISO 2, and Asics Gel Cumulus 16 for the treadmill)

2. Favorite race/distance/Bucket-list race: Favorite Distance: I have two. The Half Marathon because I can go pretty much run at 90% effort the entire way and currently that’s the distance I seem to have the most success at it. My other is the full marathon because of the challenge it possesses. There is something about hitting that “wall” thinking your don’t have anything left, ready to just quit and then being able to break through it, continuing on to the end…depleted, exhausted, and victorious. My bucket-list/thorn in my side race is Boston. I’m going to keep trying to qualify (currently unsuccessful twice) until I get to run it or it kills me.

3. Trails, streets, or treadmill: Right now I prefer street running, mostly because that’s what I’ve been racing and that is the type of race that Boston (see bucket list) is. I have run on all surfaces and I do love the serenity of trail running, but it comes with an increased risk of injury that has me currently avoiding primitive trails. (You do not even want to get me going on the treadmill aka: Satan’s Sidewalk)

4. Why did you start running? I originally started running to lose weight. I had joined a gym but got bored pretty quickly. I had never been the weightlifting type (nor was I a runner type, I quit track in high school) and wanted to try something different. Truth be told, I hated running at first….I mean REALLY hated it. I convinced myself, because all everyone was talking about was 5K this and Couch to 5K, so I was going to get to the 3.1 miles and be done with running, but when I hit that plateau something happened when I got there…something just clicked and I haven’t stopped since. It has become a part of me like nothing else has. It’s hard to explain to some people and impossible to explain to non runner but it has ignited a fire in me like nothing else ever has. In addition to the marathons, I’m currently training for a 50 and 100 mile race.

5. What keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is the pure passion to run. Running is no longer a want to, or a feel like doing, nor even a weight loss activity…it’s a have to, a must, a need to. Running truly give me the experience of growing physically, mentally, and spiritually. It provides me with a internal “buzz” that no substance or activity has ever come close to.

Ray is also testing for his running coach certification in two weeks. He gets to run in the NYC Marathon in November 2016…How cool is that? You can email him questions at Ray.Jerauld @


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