Inspiring Runner Friends – Noel Shafer

Today, I get to share a bit about another runner friend who inspires me. Noel’s got a great running streak going as you’ll see below. How many days do you think he can go?

1. Favorite shoes Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghosts

2. Favorite race/distance/Bucket-list race:

Don’t really have a favorite distance.. 5k to Marathon and have done a 50k.. I like always doing a different distance to not get in a rut

3. Trails, streets, or treadmill:

Streak runner (876 days) all outdoor miles.. mainly streets, but have done some trail races

4. Why did you start running?

1 started back running when I started coaching cross country. I ran about 200-300 miles during the season with my kids (five years). Then wanted to really get into shape. Started running throughout the year in Jan of 2013. Lost 50 pounds and got into the best shape of my life. Started to get faster and then started to love racing and challenging myself.

5. What keeps you motivated?

Running has made me big goal setter. Once I got into shape, I was getting faster. Started to run a lot of races, and challenged myself to see exactly how good I can become. When I started at 45 years old, I thought that I was too old to run real fast. I didn’t take long to keep crushing my goals and I would have to create bigger goals to go after. Now at 48, I just love running and training to be the best that I can be.

I love training, but racing so much more. Every weekend is race weekend for me. After getting in 50 and 55 races the last two year, and may get 80 this year. I love rewarding myself for a hard week’s training with a race (or more) on the weekend!!


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